At Headwater Farms, our vision is clear: Exceptional food. Ethically produced.

Headwater Farms was born out of equal parts appreciation of equitable treatment of animals,
responsible land-use practices, and quality food worth celebrating!


Our mission of providing food worth celebrating is achieved by strict adherence to the following core values:

  1. Care: Stress-free animal handling techniques, conscientious pasture land utilization and an intolerance for unnatural additives contribute towards premium product offerings.   

  2. Quality: Our pursuit is to deliver natural tastes in each of our foods, with the added benefit of increased
    nutritional value. 

  3. Patience: With a long term outlook as the basis of each decision making process, we recognize the value time can contribute towards quality. ‘Slow food’ is and should be as it’s suggested.

  4. Transparency: Since we can't always know where today's food comes from or what it is comprised of, our objective is to provide greater clarity surrounding our processes.

  5. Continuous Improvement: We pride ourselves on creating an environment that encourages applying practical solutions, with an open mind towards improvements that may be achieved through continued learning opportunities.



Our story has its roots in our managing partner’s love for animals and her subsequent interest in pursuing a career involving them. Veterinary college became the obvious choice and was the focus of her education until it became evident that much of that vocation is dependent on drug-based treatment. It also became clear that animals in today’s food supply are often subject to those same chemically-dependent practices. Those realities were at odds with her original passion of working with healthy animals, prompting a change in career direction towards establishment of a sustainable operation from which to deliver farm-to-table food.

As a first-generation farm, ours had the benefit of not having to deal with the volume demands that burden many traditional agricultural operations, allowing us to focus on pursuing the highest quality offerings in our primary product category: beef. Taste, nutrition and quality are all of obvious importance to beef enthusiasts ― ourselves included. With that in mind, the Japanese Wagyu breeds immediately became of interest...

Fast forward to today, and our Angus and Wagyu herds are comprised of some of the most sought-after genetic lines available in Canada at this time.


Our promise is to abide by the Five Animal Freedoms, to which we add one more:

Five Animal Freedoms:

  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst

  2. Freedom from discomfort

  3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease

  4. Freedom to express normal behaviour

  5. Freedom from fear and distress

  6. Freedom from unnecessary hormones and antibiotics

We acknowledge that the industry recognizes the Five Animals Freedoms, however we strive for a benchmark that far exceeds these seemingly basic needs. Our intent is to create and uphold an environment in which nature guides our operations. This includes a zero-tolerance policy for hormone and antibiotic supplements used solely for the purpose of generating a faster growth cycle.


We are located just outside of Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

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